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New Edition Coming To Book 3 Of The “Preparing For The Collapse” Series!

Here I will talk about all sorts of things that will allow my fans and followers to stay informed. Want to know what book I am working on next? When will a new edition be available for pre-order? Maybe you are interested in new services or ideas I am hatching or a project I am working on, this is where I will tell it all! So, grab a cup of warm herbal tea, cozy up, and stay informed!

The new contents page

You know it as, “Preparing For The Collapse: Food Production Basics” of the sought-after series, “Preparing For The Collapse”. When I first began publishing my own books on Amazon.com the only method available to the authors was paperback and Kindle (ebook). In late 2021 AMazon announced the new ability to publish hardbacks. Some of my books were written based on the old way and were not written so big as to be printed as a hardback. Personally, I love what I do and take great pride in my writing, as my fans know. Although I could go ahead and publish most of my books in hardback format, I have a certain expectations of myself and my books so I felt the need to expand the content for many of my books. As a hardback book, the reader expects a certain quality, which I personally feel is much higher than paperback versions. So, I am in the midst (almost finished) of creating the new edition to this book which will expand on the size of the book by adding an entirely new chapter bringing the book’s content to six chapters instead of the already available five chapters. This new chapter is titled, “Procuring Wild Foods”. In this chapter, I will teach thirty (30) wild foods you can forage for! As soon as the new manuscript is finished I will replace the paperback manuscript with the new edition as well. I expect this new edition to be available by early SPRING 2022. I am currently accepting pre-orders of the hardback format here. -Spiritwalker


Available NOW! “Preparing For The Collapse: Food Production Basics”- Second Edition-

Due to the current blow-up in Asia, with Russia invading Ukraine and threatening the world with nukes, etc. I have worked hard to push the new edition for publication now. I have made it happen! It is available in e-books (Amazon.com), paperback, and hardback in my bookstore. In addition to this news, I am about to publish the 2nd edition of, “Preparing For The Collapse: How To Live Off The Grid” too! This expanded content will allow the book to be published as a hardback too. Folks, this is as real as it gets, get prepared now if you have not already done so, this book could save your life! Get my second edition now! -Spiritwalker


My first-ever children’s book has been published!

It’s called, “The Magical Blue Butterfly” and it is filled with interesting animals, who are made to talk by a magical blue butterfly. Complete with a little boy who needs some friends who can talk and farm animals that come with funny accents to include British, southern, and even country accents! If you have a little one that loves to be read to before bed, this is a story that will surely have them waiting impatiently to get back into bed, each night. If you have a new reader who has some experience, then the book is written so that an advanced reader can enjoy it too! Available in paperback, hardback, and Kindle. Currently, the kindle link is off-site, so here is the Kindle version.


My Second Children’s Book Is Almost Live!

It will be titled, “The Mystery Of The Red Door”. This is a young teen’s book and would be suited for advanced pre-teens as well. It is more of a chapter book than a bedtime story, think…Nancy Drew Mysteries and you will have a pretty good idea! I have been working on this book since the beginning of the year, that and The Magical Blue Butterfly came to me at the same time and so I actually wrote these two stories, while writing bits and pieces of others, to come, as well! I’ve been a busy bee, let me tell you. With Kindle Vella coming online, I have been hatching out these stories like a mad man. As soon as I am allowed to publish them in a physical form, I do so. It takes three months for the Kindle Vella versions to be given the green light to be made into physical books. “The Mystery Of The Red Door” is even interesting to me! It is a suspense novel for your young readers, as well. Be on the lookout for this book to become available in paperback, hardback…right here, and Kindle version at Amazon.com in late June.


My Second Children’s Book Is Live!

So, “The Mystery of The Red Door” is available now here on my site, direct from me, over at Amazon.com, on Kindle Vella, and everywhere books are sold online. It is available in paperback, Hardback, and Ebook versions. If you access the book from Kindle Vella, you will be able to read the book episode by episode, at your own pace. It is a 5 chapter book that is written with pre-teens and early teens in mind. It can be a great bedtime story for those able to understand that it is only a story and it is even enjoyed by young adults who have a child-like personality. I know because my 22-year-old daughter adores this book and I found that writing the story, even got me excited! It is a good story. In fact, after it was published I decided that it will be book 1 of a new children’s series titled, “The Mysteries of The Red Door”. The story ended in a way where I led readers to an idea that there would be a “book #2”, and I plan on writing it. These days, any novel I write, such as this one, is always available on Kindle Vella before print. It is available there episode by episode and the first three episodes are always free.

Available Now! My Podcast!


It’s here! My book podcast! As of this moment, my Author Podcast titled, “Author Spiritwalker” is live on Spotify and Anchor. In the coming weeks, it will become available on more platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, etc. I decided to make the podcast available due to the growing nature of audiobooks. People are busier than ever, these days, unfortunately to their health, but it makes for another way to reach people. Audiobooks. So, available are ALL my books on my podcast. It is still being built, as I have to read each and every one of my books aloud and record it for the podcast. So, just like Kindle Vella, my books will be available on my podcast in episodes. Listen whenever you want, even while you are busy. No need to buy paperbound books or download loads of files when you can listen to my podcast daily. It is just $2.99 a month to subscribe and you will have access to all my books. I made it highly affordable because I wanted the experience to be similar to purchasing the ebook formats, which are slightly more expensive at Amazon. SO COME ON OVER AND SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE STORIES!

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