Using Herbal Remedies

Paperback Version (3rd Edition has been released!)

In this book, you will learn how to make your own herbal tinctures, salves, infusions, and decoctions. You will also learn what herb you can use to treat physical illnesses such as headaches, internal infections, ear infections, etc. I have even included a chapter devoted to using herbs with your children. Loaded with pictures of each of the herbs talked about, this book embraces the essence of the art and lifestyle of herbal medicine at its basics. Spiritwalker, is a renowned natural living specialist, medical specialist USA, Cherokee medicine man, Shaman, Reiki master, natural healer, and herbalist. In his book, “Using Herbal Remedies”, you are given the basics of what it takes to become self-sufficient when dealing with everyday aches, illnesses, and pains. Let his knowledge and wisdom guide you to healing with this manual for the holistic homesteader. From herbal remedies for headaches to Herbal remedies for anxiety, the author teaches you how to make your own herbal medicines and how to use herbal medicines.


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