Shikatakai Martial Arts Training Manual

Paperback Version

Probably you have chosen to pick up this book because you are interested in martial arts of any kind, or maybe you are just interested in the training of the ancient ninja. Whatever the reason for your interest in this book I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. But just what is Shikatakai? I teach that the study of the art is not just merely the study of kicking, blocking, and punching, you know, martial arts training, it is a lifestyle that you have chosen to live by. We are not talking about some Ninjutsu Naruto here, we are talking about actual Ninjutsu techniques blended seamlessly with ancient martial arts techniques taken from 7 major styles. (you will learn what those 7 are in the book) There are many martial arts schools and probably, a few Ninjutsu schools near you…if you live in a big city. But you will not find a school that teaches Shikatakai. That is because it is not a traditional style, instead, it is a family style that was once secret to most of the world. But there are far more points to the art on the martial artist than just fighting, and defending, in Shikatakai you are agreeing to learn to use your mind like most individuals can’t. You are agreeing to live by a strict code of ethics and uphold honor for yourself and those loved ones around you. If you plan on using the Shikatakai Martial Arts Training Manual to start a new page in your life, to better your life and those around you, then you will begin a journey that is very rewarding. However, the Shikatakai art also teaches ancient Ninjutsu hand signs AKA: the Kuji Kiri, medical Ninjutsu, or how to heal yourself and others, Ninjutsu weapons. If you want to know how to learn this rare art, you’ve found a good start with the Shikatakai Martial Arts Training Manual. One last word on the survival aspects of any ninjutsu originated art, the gray man is a philosophy that is 100% supported by training in Shikatakai. In today’s uncertain world, you should understand this concept and be prepared at all times.


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