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This site will offer my books in multiple formats for direct purchase as well as a whole collection of writers services, preparing, natural living, off-grid living, survival, and homesteading products, wisdom, expertise, knowledge and my associated services! Anything associated, you will find it here, as well, such as organic life topics, etc. "Waking The Masses Is Hard Work, But Someone Has To Do It!"

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Current “Preparing For The Collapse” series

I am a published author and freelance writer with over 30 years of experience. I have written for many high-profile companies online including Yahoo! Inc., Examiner.com, ABCnews.com, and Fiverr.com, and have done 1000’s gigs of freelance writing for folks all over the planet. I’ve had pieces published in many high-profile magazines such as American Frontiersman, Backwoodsman, American Survival Guide, and Self Reliance digital magazine. I write about things that benefit others, because, to me, this is the reason I exist, to help others and to be a truth bringer. Writing is poetry, it is powerful and has a way of uncovering darkness even in the darkest times. I specialize in all things, natural living.

But I also write about Zen, Spirituality, homesteading, green and organic living, off-grid living, hiking the Appalachian Trail, prepping, survival, and other subjects associated with these. If you are into these or subjects like these, follow my blogs, you won’t be sorry. Below is a sample of what spurred me to create all my blogs, including this site. As I share with you, my fans, I am reminded that we all must walk a path we choose on our own…let it be side by side with you!

My Examiner.com Story (now defunct)

For 4 years I was known as a national Examiner. My day-view with my freelance writing career came through that site. From Sept. 2009-2013 and again from 2014-2015 I was known as the: National Appalachian Trail Hiking Examiner, National Organic Living Examiner, National Homesteading Examiner, National Natural Living Examiner, National Zen Buddhism Examiner, National Outdoor Adventure & Recreation Examiner, and National Book Examiner for Examiner.com. Those were not even including the local columns I wrote at Examiner. I wrote thousands of articles both on the news as it was happening and “evergreen articles” that will be relevant to readers for all eternity. At the end of 2013 my career with this evil online “content mill” abruptly and unfairly ended. I was told I was not allowed to tell the truth and point fingers.

As a result, 1000’s fans and followers were left in the dark by this evil online content mill (I had some 17K followers). It is my heart’s desire to continue to provide my fans and readers with relevant, useful evergreen articles and news articles. One door closes as another opens. So with this new writing platform (authorspiritwalker.com), I have continued my work to make sure the truth is known and not left in the dark.

You will always see the newest piece of content on the top of this list. Please like and share the articles as much as you can, also please subscribe to this blog for me, you will be sent emails as notices that new content was published, as it is. If you have a comment, by all means, leave that and hopefully, you’ll get a nice conversation started! The key is getting this alternative information, truth, out to as many as we can. Mainstream media wants to suppress the news, I am alternative media and the truth will be told here. Come to learn, come to share, but most of all, come to feed on the truth. Love and Light!

NEW! NEW! NEW! You can now follow some of my writings, under the pen name “Indigo Born” at:

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– Author Spiritwalker

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